Katjusha Films is a highly creative company with a good instinct and feeling for upcoming trends, stories, topics and interesting regions. We use our experience and background knowledge in, sometimes, difficult regions to develop our own ideas for films. These range from short inserts and magazine pieces to long documentaries. We never offer something that we cannot fulfill and all our proposals are researched in advance!

Film productions on a commissioning basis

Most of our productions are finished films, ready to be aired. We work closely with commissioning editors and producers to ensure that the final product exceeds their expectations. Our voice-over-artists speak English (British, American and South African), German, French and Spanish. Sometimes a program has its own voice-over-artist in which case we provide an edited film with separate audio channels and script.

Obviously we are also happy to work on ideas and briefs from others or requests for raw footage or interviews that are cut together elsewhere.


After shooting in about two thirds of Africa’s 53 countries and many more on other continents we have an extensive archive of footage that we own. From Timbuktu to Zanzibar we have raw material and finished films on offer. If we don’t have what you need we’ll find it for you. Prices vary and can always be negotiated.

Image Films

It started by coincidence. The internationally active Volkswagen Foundation had heard about our productions and asked us to document some of their work in a film. Word spread from there, next came the German government and since then we have produced a range of image, training and promotion films for foundations, governments, NGO’s and private corporations. This has become an important part of our work and we are now actively seeking to extend this.

Production Services

We’ve got the football world cup on our doorstep! YES WE CAN offer our experience, contacts and production services to anyone who wants to cover this event down here, at the Cape of Good Hope! We can organize your shoot before, during and after the World Cup and offer tailor made packages that include accommodation, transport, security, OB vans, equipment and camera crews.

We also provide line producers, fixers and stringers in English, German, French, Spanish and Zulu for your production.

Obviously we can also offer footage and/or films on background stories. We’ve got loads of them!

Contact us and let’s talk about it.